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The first time I tasted roast corn-flavoured pretz, I Fell In Love.  I loved how the crunch of the long thin stick would be accompanied by the saltiness of the flavouring and the faint whiff of roast corn.  I would eat an entire pack half a stick at a time.  It was delicious.  Sometimes I would pair the pretz up with a sweet tasting soft drink.  The way the a gulp of coke would leave a lingering sweetness in my mouth that served to emphasize the salty flavour of the pretz, and the way the salty aftertaste of the pretz would make the coke so much sweeter was an experience that I enjoyed immensely.

I loved it so much that I thought about an imaginary place dedicated to making roast corn-flavoured pretz.  There would be fields of wheat and corn, salt mines, spice plantations as well as factories where all the ingredients would be transported to make roast corn-flavoured pretz.  Everyone would do their own part in the process to ensure a continuous supply of scrumptious pretz.  A large proportion of it would be eaten by the local populace, while the remaining portion would be traded for beverages to go along with the pretz: soft drinks, fruit juices, liquors.  Or we could use the pretz to trade for other items of necessity.  I had started onto thinking about using pretz as a currency as well as wondering how Meiji, the actual company behind Pretz in real life, manufactured their pretz, before I fell asleep.
It was years and years later, a few months ago, that I remembered that dream.  And realised that back then, I had formed what would basically have been a communist system, with an economy based on roast corn-flavoured pretz.  I am surprised at how a young version of me would have come up with a communist system back when I was still completely innocent and unaware of the world.  I was reading fiction and general science and wasn’t interested in politics back then.  Nowadays, I read more widely.  I’ve also had thoughts of taking over the world as supreme dictator just so that I could make countries allocate more resources into scientific research, but thats a story for another day.


Meanwhile, back on Earth, a new academic year has started.  Good luck to everyone, good luck to me and my hilarious English Masters course where the professor treats everyone like a kid and may we all find a job.


More K-ON! ep12 goodness – Sawako

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Sawako-sensei is a teacher from the school, who also happens to be the advisor for their club.  She is a closet heavy metal guitarist.   Hence her pretty calm demeanour, which deteriorates into insanity when she reveals her inner feelings.


sawako-sensei ep12 pointbreasts 1280x1024


sawako-sensei ep12 pointbreasts 1600x1200

sawako-sensei ep12 pointbreasts 1680x1050

More Mio love

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because shes just too cute. Here is Mio from episode 4.
As usual, other resolutions will appear when I have the bandwidth.

mio camera ep4 1600x1200

Yui in a santa suit

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joy for the fanboys. oh joy.
I have no idea when I’ll get a decent upload connection. Maybe Monday. anyhoo, here it is. I had to extrapolate the top of the santa hat and the middle finger since they were out of screen.
yui santasuit ep7 1600x1200

K-ON! ep7 goodness

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More fanservice edition. This time its Yui in santasuit (vector due tomorrow), Mio in a santasuit and mio in a kimono! And theres going to be a new tsundere character next episode!.

Anyhoo, here is the latest vector, from ep7. Other resolutions to follow when I get the bandwidth.


yui air guitar ep7 1600x1200

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