Stereo Recording

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Using a regular MP3 player, one can only  record in mono because there is only one tiny mic on the side.  I, however, have found a way around this.   In fact, I believe I have found the obvious way around this.  And as an experiment, I present to you a brief 3 minute recording of me walking through a park.  I do not speak, the voices you hear are other people talking as they walk by.  All I did was walk with an mp3 player in each hand and record two mono soundtracks simultaneously, before syncing and distributing them up in audacity.  Of course, this is best heard through earphones, since this is the actual sound that would enter your ear.  Speakers kind of dilute the stereo-audio effect.

It was a warm sunny day.  so birds might be audible.  And maybe cicadas, but not always.



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No, not the Misty from Pokemon.  This is misty, a rather well known jazz song that might be slightly overused.  Overabused.  Overplayed.  Regardlyess, here’s my version.  The melody is okay, but the chords are boring and I have no idea how to spruce it up or improvise upon the chord notations.

Enjoy =) it’s a good song ruined by me.  If you want me to ruin it more, I suppose I could add a vocal track.

Bach’s Minuet I in G major

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A very nice song, this is.  Also, this song has the honour of having the most [censored][censored] difficult part to record.  I was going to make a file composed entirely of outtakes, but it would have been exceedingly boring.  And frustrating for me, since that second half started on a really high note that was difficult to hit.  Anyway, completed product has no repeats because I’m a weak wimp.  Enjoy.

Two Awkward Pieces – Blue Humouresque

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Blue Danube by some random Strauss guy (totally not famous at all), and Humouresque by Dvorak ( the name of which you will not recognise, but the tune certainly).

Enjoy.  Each song took less than two takes.

Both have weird bits where I don’t really understand how the two parts mesh together.  And bits that are amazinglyout of tune. D:  Maybe I’ll fix or redo them later.  But my next project will be making the full  version of [censored],

All of Me

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Apparently, this is a very popular jazz track, originating from the 1930s.  And that ‘s about it.   I had fun, specifically with learning the chords.  Like seeing a Dm7, and knowing to play an F because I was doing the 2nd harmony and not the bass.  I digress.

1 Melody, 2 harmony, 1 vocal.  enjoy.

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