Early Morning Hike

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The plan was to rush up to the top of Lion Rock early in the morning, but it ended up being more like a stumble-up.  Never take more than one step at a time, you won’t last more than 50 steps like that.  And while it was mostly my thighs that were working, the toes, calves and lower torso are also extremely vital in helping you keep balance on uneven ground. So, photos!

on the way up

took me 8 minutes to reach the starting point, and 16 minutes to get up to the Kowloon pass resting hut, which has been renovated.  Look! A picture of Leo as proof! no photoshops, I swear.

The onwards to the top of Lion Rock

a mix of views facing Victoria Harbour, with one of Shatin/Shing Mun at the end.

And then I rushed down (really carefully).

Total time for the round trip was around an hour.  And my shoulders hurt, inexplicably.  Maybe too much arm-pumping.  Lots of grannies and grandpas spotted.  And overtaken.  And one pretty lady, on the way down at the resting hut though, so I really didn’t get a chance to admire her for very long before my momentum and gravity dragged me down the hill.


Japan Photos

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My mum just came back from a Japan trip, partly financed by the koofle foundation(aka – fun tax).  Here are a selection of less-boring photographs as taken by one of my mum’s three sisters that she went with.

vending machines




more dogs

yet more dogs

Dogs with nappies

and road signs.


Late August blood Sacrifices to the Hong Kong Economy

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Leo has encountered a wild Bookshop!
Bookshop uses “30% off!” discount section on Leo!
Leo loses $128.80!

Leo runs away!

Plotless, Pointless, Pathetic
by Joshua Wright $53.20
Here be Monsters! by Alan Snow $75.60

And a basketball for $179, which I got yesterday, that will replace my superheavy, 10 year old ancient excuse for a basketball that I’ve had for…10 years.

Random pages from the “Here be Monsters!” book

Look at those illustrations.  Who could possibly resist?!

All of Me

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Apparently, this is a very popular jazz track, originating from the 1930s.  And that ‘s about it.   I had fun, specifically with learning the chords.  Like seeing a Dm7, and knowing to play an F because I was doing the 2nd harmony and not the bass.  I digress.

1 Melody, 2 harmony, 1 vocal.  enjoy.

A Whole New World

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Link to mp3 – http://www.4shared.com/audio/tMsgZtQ3/a_whole_new_world_official.html

I can’t host audio or video files here, because it’s restricted to paid plans.   Nevertheless!

All parts played by me, edited in Audacity.  Many retakes, and much fun was had.  There will be no voice track until I find the right register.  Therefore, as long as I can hide the register I can avoid singing completely.  Total production time – ~1-2 hours.

Max 3 horns playing at the same time.  Next project to be determined.  You may attempt to sway me, because the Aria scores are way too hard to play on the horn.

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