Early Morning Hike

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The plan was to rush up to the top of Lion Rock early in the morning, but it ended up being more like a stumble-up.  Never take more than one step at a time, you won’t last more than 50 steps like that.  And while it was mostly my thighs that were working, the toes, calves and lower torso are also extremely vital in helping you keep balance on uneven ground. So, photos!

on the way up

took me 8 minutes to reach the starting point, and 16 minutes to get up to the Kowloon pass resting hut, which has been renovated.  Look! A picture of Leo as proof! no photoshops, I swear.

The onwards to the top of Lion Rock

a mix of views facing Victoria Harbour, with one of Shatin/Shing Mun at the end.

And then I rushed down (really carefully).

Total time for the round trip was around an hour.  And my shoulders hurt, inexplicably.  Maybe too much arm-pumping.  Lots of grannies and grandpas spotted.  And overtaken.  And one pretty lady, on the way down at the resting hut though, so I really didn’t get a chance to admire her for very long before my momentum and gravity dragged me down the hill.


Stereo Recording

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Using a regular MP3 player, one can only  record in mono because there is only one tiny mic on the side.  I, however, have found a way around this.   In fact, I believe I have found the obvious way around this.  And as an experiment, I present to you a brief 3 minute recording of me walking through a park.  I do not speak, the voices you hear are other people talking as they walk by.  All I did was walk with an mp3 player in each hand and record two mono soundtracks simultaneously, before syncing and distributing them up in audacity.  Of course, this is best heard through earphones, since this is the actual sound that would enter your ear.  Speakers kind of dilute the stereo-audio effect.


It was a warm sunny day.  so birds might be audible.  And maybe cicadas, but not always.

Hong Kong Bookfair 2010 loot

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total expenditure – Just under 300 HKD.

Watch out for next week, when I go visit the mother of all money drainers, the HK Anime/comic/game convention.

Late Night Hiking

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Just came back from a 5 hour hike – at night.  We (three out of the four people from our Trailwalker group) started at 7pm a short while away from Ma On Shan, and slowly plodded our way up Ma On Shan (the literal mountain) along the MacLehose trail (section 3, selected as the section is the most difficult).  For an hour or so, we slowly climbed up to around 700 m over a distance of 2 Km.  The remaining 10.7 Km was just an endurance test, ending at a campsite near Kowloon Peak (Feii Ngor Shan), just over 5 hours later.

It was fun, and deliciously painful.   It made me appreciate sunlight, fear mud patches, and appreciate my torch immensely.   The half-moon was, for the most part, visible among the lack of clouds.  High on the peaks the wind blew strong, cooling us down, and the trees were sparse, allowing us to travel without the assistance of an artificial light source.  Along the way, we met several living things.  Four old men, ages totalling over 2 centuries, overtook us.  We bumped into a cow sleeping on the trail path, forcing us to switch off our lights and gently inching our way beside the motionless animal, trying not to disturb it.  Angering it was certainly not an option, with steep slopes dropping off one side of the path.  Hours in we crossed a stream, full of fireflies relaxing on the rocks and weeds beside the water.  We turned off our torches and enjoyed the sight for a while.  Yeah, 4 old men, a cow/bull and some fireflies.  And cowpats.

Hitting the end of the section, we hired a taxi and collapsed on the road.  Leaving Kowloon Peak, I finally understood why people went up there all the time – the scene of Victoria harbour from Kowloon Peak at night is probably the most beautiful and amazing sight in Hong Kong.

Then we went down to Kowloon City and enjoyed a bottle of coke.  so delicious.  Delicious taste only possible with strenuous exercise.  You have to work for it to taste good.

And now I have tutoring tomorrow morning at 9:30 am, in 6 hours.  Check out this posting time.  I’ll end this with a photo taken high up above the district of Ma On Shan, on Ma On Shan pass.  My friend’s mobile was running out of battery, so we used our torches to alleviate the need for flash.

ABE #044 – “Old Man On Train” and half-marathon photos

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Meanwhile, here are three photos from my half-marathon.

One before dawn, the other two after the race ended.

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