Top Gear is all the raGe, like poT

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From a Suzuki Liana to a Chevrolet Lacetti to a Kia Cee’d, Top Gear is probably hitting new highs in it’s popularity and success.  Even local cable channels are broadcasting Top Gear up to date.

First off, one can reasonably interpolate that the celebrity guest lap times are reset once every 7 seasons.

Back in season 7:

and more recently, season 14:

Those are very packed boards indeed.  Continuing with our retrospective, here is the reveal of the Chevrolet Lacetti in season 8, followed by the celebrity track day and tea event that they held to fill up the board with some times.

Compare it with their counterparts in season 15:

This time around, their Tea Party has become much more sophisticated, with a grill, exercise equipment and even a bouncy castle! (I’m sure there were musical instruments the previous time)

It was a wonderfully joyous feeling to be able to watch Top Gear again, with new material.   Many laughs were had, and many callbacks were made.  First off, is the Stig…Norwegian?  Could he be a Norwegian racer?  Driver? Rally racer?  Why was the Norwegian flag stuck on the car?  Is it actually a red herring?  To then promptly cut it off and insert the video of the…Hyundais(?) playing football brought back memories of two previous episodes – the first time vehicular football was shown I believe it was with the Toyota Yaris, while the second time was in the Top Gear Winter Olympics Special when they played Vehicular Ice Hockey with two groups of five Suzuki Swifts.

Back in the news, James May opened up with another call back to silly running gags of the past, by introducing a new…Dacia…something.  Back in one series, possibly around 11 to 13, James May would open up the news section every episode with the Great/Good News that the Dacia Sandero was coming out.  Reactions of Hammond and Clarkson started off from surprised to obliviousness and eventually complete ignorance of the mention and immediately switch to a new topic.

May’s trip to the Icelandic Volcano also brought back memories of the Top Gear Polar Special (Season 10!  I think.  That’s where I’m at right now on my Top Gear complete rerun)  Remember the outdoor toilet seat on the back of the car, the minor berating the BBC gave Jeremy and James when they showed themselves drinking alcohol while driving, on air.  The car that beat the dog sledge with Hammond on it, and setting a new record in the process.

And finally, one of the last really noticeable callbacks was when Jeremy Clarkson took his Reliant Robin to the mechanics.  Did you see what Jeremy was holding in his hand as he described the history of the Reliant Robin?

Yes, that’s a hammer.  Jeremy Clarkson’s solution to everything mechanical is – you guessed it – use a hammer (otherwise, a power saw for 35 quid a day).  There was an episode back in season 9  (I think) where the three of them raced the Stig.  The threesome had to build a kit car from component parts from scratch and get it started on the racetrack faster than the Stig could drive it from the Top Gear offices to the racetrack.  Jeremy was being his usual impatient self…and trying to build everything with a hammer.

And to top it all off, crashing, rolling, being a general public nuisance is always fun.  Thank you Top Gear, and I look forward to the rest of the season.  (spoilers on wiki already)


Cars and Yet More Mio

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A recent edition of TIME magazine.


And the relevant article


hey look there!  Even more catching than the title itself is…wait a minute, what car are the paramilitary using?

This is why Toyota is posting its first loss ever.  No one needs to rebuy any.

anyhoo, more Mio wallpapers!  Usual stuff about resolutions apply.  this is from episode 8.  Fan service galore, there was yet another concert. =D


mio ep8 maid pose 2 1600x1200


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no, its not an intravenous anal device, its Internet Addiction Disorder.  Apparently, or well..according to this textbook in my hands…withdrawal symptoms include:

(a) psychomotor agitation
(b) anxiety
(c) obsessive thinking about what is happening on the Internet
(d) fantasies or dreams about the Internet
(e) voluntary or involuntary typing movements of the fingers

interesting how the answers to this question for this “teachers textbook” (ie. the one with all the answers in them) was copied straight from wikipedia.  They forgot to copy out (e) though, maybe they ran out of space.  Or maybe (e) is just too vague.  Voluntary or involuntary covers almost anything you’d do regularly anyway.  So then I continued reading the wiki article, to find sources of  internet addiction.

Internet pornography
-Wikipedia. Some frequent contributors to Wikipedia, some of whom have been documented as having made literally thousands of edits, identify themselves as “Wikipediholics”, although this is tongue-in-cheek.
-Fantasy sports websites such as Yahoo! and ESPN have been known to addict users to their services.
-Websites such as Bebo, MySpace, Youtube, Friendster, LiveJournal, Xanga, Xuqa, Facebook, hi5 and deviantART are reputed to occupy users for periods in excess of 5 hours.
-MMORPGs such as Everquest, EVE Online, RuneScape, and World of Warcraft. (As was the case in the death of Lee Seung Seop)
-Other games with online components such as Counter Strike and Halo 2.
-Social bookmarking sites such as, or webslideshow sites like web2.0slides, occupy users trying to satisfy a non-specific lack of information for hours.
-Instant messaging programs such as AIM and MSN.
-Internet forums and Chat rooms
-Google Earth

[source – wikipedia, “Internet addiction disorder”]
Its almost as if I wrote the list xD.  No decent youngster would put down MUDs or Slashdot.   I have italicized all items that I would’ve put down.  For sure.  I know at least one undergrad friend who still plays Neopets, ffs.

This  post has been in my repository for ages, so I might as well post it – along with this cute crossreferencing picture:



More Whiteboard Madness

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Yeah, I’m flaunting my freedom. xP  and I found a get around to the lack of thumbnails.  they link to the full size photos.


No More exams!

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hehehe…I’m back.


for some strange reason, thumbnails got disabled, so I’ll just drop the link above :D.

enjoy.  and expect more to come. Plus, heres two more =p

wb03.jpg  and in case you miss the back of my head,  wb04.jpg.

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