I write like…

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This is a site which analyses your writing and tells you which writer your writing style is closest to.


Copy-pasting various long blog posts of mine…here are the results.

I write like…
H. P. Lovecraft
Margaret Atwood
Cory Doctorow
David Foster Wallace
H. P. Lovecraft
Cory Doctorow
David Foster Wallace
Cory Doctorow
Charles Dickens    <- https://koofle.wordpress.com/2009/09/02/pretz/
Cory Doctorow    <-https://koofle.wordpress.com/2009/08/20/soundproof/

I think I’m seeing a pattern here.  This is mostly my random observation stuff, so really all the writing samples I used were of a reporting, observational nature, and probably nothing like the fictional short stories that I have started but never finished.

I suppose I ought to find some writing samples from these authors to see what they’re all about.  Could be an interesting exploration!


Water Pressure

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Let us imagine that you were exactly 1 Km under the sea.
Twisting the rules of physics a bit, let’s assume that the size of your head from a bird’s eye view is around 20 cm x 20 cm = 400 sq cm.
Therefore, you would have (400 sq cm x 1 Km)s worth of water weighing down on your head.

400 sq cm x 100,000 cm = 40,000,000 cubic cm
1000 cubic cm of water = 1000 ml of water = 1 KG
40,000,000 / 1000 = 40,000 KG of water pushing down on you. (or 40 tons if you prefer)

And this is why it is totally impressive that living animals exist such deep down.  Most people would be instantly killed if a one ton concrete block hit your head.

(inspired by http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2010/07/photogalleries/100716-deep-sea-species-sharks-australia-science-pictures/#deepest-ocean-species-camera-australia-shark_23473_600x450.jpg Those deep sea creatures look amazing, and out-of-this-world)

Top Gear is all the raGe, like poT

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From a Suzuki Liana to a Chevrolet Lacetti to a Kia Cee’d, Top Gear is probably hitting new highs in it’s popularity and success.  Even local cable channels are broadcasting Top Gear up to date.

First off, one can reasonably interpolate that the celebrity guest lap times are reset once every 7 seasons.

Back in season 7:

and more recently, season 14:

Those are very packed boards indeed.  Continuing with our retrospective, here is the reveal of the Chevrolet Lacetti in season 8, followed by the celebrity track day and tea event that they held to fill up the board with some times.

Compare it with their counterparts in season 15:

This time around, their Tea Party has become much more sophisticated, with a grill, exercise equipment and even a bouncy castle! (I’m sure there were musical instruments the previous time)

It was a wonderfully joyous feeling to be able to watch Top Gear again, with new material.   Many laughs were had, and many callbacks were made.  First off, is the Stig…Norwegian?  Could he be a Norwegian racer?  Driver? Rally racer?  Why was the Norwegian flag stuck on the car?  Is it actually a red herring?  To then promptly cut it off and insert the video of the…Hyundais(?) playing football brought back memories of two previous episodes – the first time vehicular football was shown I believe it was with the Toyota Yaris, while the second time was in the Top Gear Winter Olympics Special when they played Vehicular Ice Hockey with two groups of five Suzuki Swifts.

Back in the news, James May opened up with another call back to silly running gags of the past, by introducing a new…Dacia…something.  Back in one series, possibly around 11 to 13, James May would open up the news section every episode with the Great/Good News that the Dacia Sandero was coming out.  Reactions of Hammond and Clarkson started off from surprised to obliviousness and eventually complete ignorance of the mention and immediately switch to a new topic.

May’s trip to the Icelandic Volcano also brought back memories of the Top Gear Polar Special (Season 10!  I think.  That’s where I’m at right now on my Top Gear complete rerun)  Remember the outdoor toilet seat on the back of the car, the minor berating the BBC gave Jeremy and James when they showed themselves drinking alcohol while driving, on air.  The car that beat the dog sledge with Hammond on it, and setting a new record in the process.

And finally, one of the last really noticeable callbacks was when Jeremy Clarkson took his Reliant Robin to the mechanics.  Did you see what Jeremy was holding in his hand as he described the history of the Reliant Robin?

Yes, that’s a hammer.  Jeremy Clarkson’s solution to everything mechanical is – you guessed it – use a hammer (otherwise, a power saw for 35 quid a day).  There was an episode back in season 9  (I think) where the three of them raced the Stig.  The threesome had to build a kit car from component parts from scratch and get it started on the racetrack faster than the Stig could drive it from the Top Gear offices to the racetrack.  Jeremy was being his usual impatient self…and trying to build everything with a hammer.

And to top it all off, crashing, rolling, being a general public nuisance is always fun.  Thank you Top Gear, and I look forward to the rest of the season.  (spoilers on wiki already)

Games and Leo

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Everyone has their own favourite games, or combination of games.  Many times I have felt unsatisfied with the games I have availible or unfulfilled even after gaming for several hours.  After significant on and off cogitation, I have devised the combination that appears to describe me.

Not all types are created equal.  I don’t need a large dosage of First Person games to feel satisfied that I have killed enough enemies.  In terms of time-consumption, from longest to shortest:

RPG > Strategy/Sim > Button Masher > First Person

Brainless games, games that don’t require a lot of thought, overlap with button mashers significantly but don’t belong anywhere because I can play them for as long or as short as I like.  When I’m waiting for my  slow internet to load stuff, I start up Spelunky.  When I’m converting Videos or doing non-interactive CPU-heavy processes, I play Spelunky.  When I just want to chill out and not think about anything, I play Spelunky.  It loads fast, I die easily, every game is different, I have mindless fun.

RPGs are a massive time sink for me, and I choose my RPGs carefully, and never play more than one at a time, if ever.  Mostly, I try and play RPGs very sparingly, to avoid becoming over-engrossed and sucked into a world for hours at a time.  My current RPG, I just realised, is not listed – Transcendence. It’s a spaceship RPG where you can choose to trade, mine, kill or all three.  Sim/Strategy/Racing games I have recently played include Railroad Tycoon 2, Rollercoaster Tycoon 1 and Flatout Ultimate Carnage.

Current setup:

Realistically, with work, school and tutoring, there aren’t much opportunities to game in a week, and look! I just spent nearly an hour creating this.  It’s not all about the gaming.  (there’s also anime, and exercise, and vectoring…)

Numbers and Sketchbook Wallpapers

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Its a Friday and I was bored at work.

numbers that I use a lot in life:

1 USD = 7.8 HKD
1 HKD = 12.5 JPY

Average time to travel from one MTR station to the next = 2 minutes
Average time taken to eat a meal = 20 minutes
Average time for a shower = 5 minutes.

HK = GMT +8
West coast = HK – 16
East coast = HK – 12

6:30 am = Time to set alarm clock to every night
10:30 am = Daily news email from slashdot.

35 HKD = cost for direct bus between Kowloon Tong and Sha Tou jiao

Anyway, Sora is the main character of Sketchbook Full Colours. She is a very shy character and likes to spend her Sundays wandering around the town by herself sketching things and enjoying green tea.  And she will never hesitate to pet a cat if shes sees any.


sora -- face 1280x1024


sora -- face 1600x1200


sora -- face 1680x1050

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