2010 ACG fair loot

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I spent around 300 hkd this year at the local Anime Comic Game convention.

Rm. 1301 vol. 1 and vol.2 – 50 HKD

An Aria novel – 38 HKD

Azumanga 10th Anniversary special edition thick book – 88 HKD

And the special

Aria attic model – 120 HKD

And that’s the gem I found.  This apparently the top floor of a three floor model of the house where the main character in Aria lives.  The character models seen are Athena, Maa-chan and Alice, friends and mentors of the protagonist.  The roof is openable, and yes, I can move the characters around.  I may also consider stalking the streets of Mong Kok to find the other remaining models, though they might be rather rare since they came with a special Aria magazine that is no longer published.

All photos taken with my new webcam.  More cam, not much web.

ABE #052 – Black and White and Red all over

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Amanchu! Wallpaper from ch. 18

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Amanchu! is a peaceful, stress-free manga following the adventures of two girls who join a diving club in a school.  There are also cats, since the creator behind Amanchu is the same person who drew/made Aria.  Rather than having many inane plotlines as some of my mangas and animes do, there is quite a lot of informative panels about diving.  Mostly, I’m just content to float along with the plot line and the adventures of Dotty and Pikari.


This isn’t the default art style of Amano Kozue, this is the more chibi/deformed version, the regular art style is much more smooth and possibly, for some people, less weird than this.

ABE#051 – Satisfaction

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K-ON! volume 3

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K-ON! volume 3 just came out.  I would like to complain that they have two versions of the SAME manga out, with the same innards, but different covers.  Regular version cost 40 hkd, “special limited” edition was 60 hkd.

Obviously I bought the more expensive version.  Which was fortunate, because said version came with both of the covers.  And a poster, which will replace the old A4 Azusa poster I bought from the HK doujin fair a while back.

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