Transportation, Establishmentation of the Glorious Mother Nation

October 21, 2010 at 10:03 pm | Posted in poem | Leave a comment

Transportation (or something, I’ll think of a better name later)

Buses and minibuses make me sleep,
their rumbling regular and soothingly deep,
moving periodically along the hilly streets,
they lull me into counting sheep.

Trains on the other hand are brightly lit beasts,
with too many passengers and not enough seats,
when the doors close they make piercing beeps,
keeping me alert and on my feet.
Given a choice I would certainly say,
to take the buses over trains every day,
and if everyone goes and does it that way,
I can get seats and peace on the train.

-Leo, 2pm, on bus waddling around the western part of HK island, Caine road.


Establishmentation of the Glorious Mother Nation

On this day of celebration,
we watch fireworks in commemoration,
of the establishmententation,
of our glorious mother nation,

On this day of decided rest,
we go out of our way to try our best,
to use our time effectively,
game until our eyes will bleed,

The fireworks, we don’t give a damn,
we just want to play streetfighter, man,
and spelunk in spelunky, spelunk, spelunk,
and try again to get Dennis drunk.

-Leo, 8.05 am, just finished eating cup noodles for breakfast, 20101001

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