Lecturephonic, Hoardelirious

October 12, 2010 at 10:24 pm | Posted in poem | Leave a comment


Velcro rips,
page flips,
plastic bag crackling,
pen on table tapping,
opening door creaks,
and on closing, squeaks,
chairs rubbing on cloth,
forced muffled cough,
biting and munching,
hard candy crunching,
more page flipping,
plastic still crinkling,
each sound is so captivating,,
I really should start concentrating,
on what the teacher is actually saying.

note: Written, rather appropriately, at the start of class.


I’m not a computer geek,
but I’m a hoarding freak,
I keep everything I download,
and I never ever delete.

Here’s my bag of thumb sticks,
each one is unique,
it takes hours to find what I want,
but at least my mind feels complete.

Open up my cupboard,
hard drives stacked high,
they’re all full of backups,
that I make every night.

Look at the older machines,
they’re for stuff before CDs,
zip drives, jazz drives, floppies,
I’ve got old documents stored on these,

Every file is kept for eternity,
every program is useful, potentially,
you all can laugh, but deep inside,
there’s just some things that you have to keep.

Composed uhh, 3:30pm on MTR to Central, and 9pm on minibus from Whampoa to Kowloon Tong.  I really don’t know why I keep these notes.


And yes, all you lot are getting for the next few weeks will be poems.  Heaps of them.  Until November.  November is National Novel Writing Month.


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