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Everyone has their own favourite games, or combination of games.  Many times I have felt unsatisfied with the games I have availible or unfulfilled even after gaming for several hours.  After significant on and off cogitation, I have devised the combination that appears to describe me.

Not all types are created equal.  I don’t need a large dosage of First Person games to feel satisfied that I have killed enough enemies.  In terms of time-consumption, from longest to shortest:

RPG > Strategy/Sim > Button Masher > First Person

Brainless games, games that don’t require a lot of thought, overlap with button mashers significantly but don’t belong anywhere because I can play them for as long or as short as I like.  When I’m waiting for my  slow internet to load stuff, I start up Spelunky.  When I’m converting Videos or doing non-interactive CPU-heavy processes, I play Spelunky.  When I just want to chill out and not think about anything, I play Spelunky.  It loads fast, I die easily, every game is different, I have mindless fun.

RPGs are a massive time sink for me, and I choose my RPGs carefully, and never play more than one at a time, if ever.  Mostly, I try and play RPGs very sparingly, to avoid becoming over-engrossed and sucked into a world for hours at a time.  My current RPG, I just realised, is not listed – Transcendence. It’s a spaceship RPG where you can choose to trade, mine, kill or all three.  Sim/Strategy/Racing games I have recently played include Railroad Tycoon 2, Rollercoaster Tycoon 1 and Flatout Ultimate Carnage.

Current setup:

Realistically, with work, school and tutoring, there aren’t much opportunities to game in a week, and look! I just spent nearly an hour creating this.  It’s not all about the gaming.  (there’s also anime, and exercise, and vectoring…)

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