The Ideal Anime Character

April 3, 2010 at 7:02 pm | Posted in anime, doodles | 4 Comments

The other day, someone mentioned what sort of anime/manga character I would like:


-long, symmetrically haired

-wields swords

-wields guns

-wears headphones

-has glasses

-plays giant brass instrument

-provocative clothing optional

I think that was the list.   So! Half an hour on paint later, I present to you:

We need a gun-toting, katana-swinging, tuba-playing, long, jet black haired, bespectacled lady protagonist who likes listening to her mp3 player in some anime.  Or manga.


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  1. …tuba? At any rate, Shikabane Hime does fulfill some of your requirements, though not all at the same time. And definitely not the tuba. And probably not the mp3 player.

  2. We’re doomed.

  3. Tuba playing? I don’t recall ever seeing a female anime/manga character that played the tuba. Have fun with your fantasies.

    • you obviously have not seen the new K-ON! character 😀

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