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Summary: (it’s okay if you don’t understand this first part)

part 1 – eye of udjat, rush through everything, bought 12 bombs and handgun when possible
part 2 – black market, buy cape and 12 bombs
part 3 – lucky psychic presence = trade 2 bombs for jetpack
part 4 – traded handgun for mummy staff

boss fight – used around 12 bombs to clear an easy drop to lava.

no shopkeepers were hurt in this run.

Spelunky is an Indiana Jones inspired platformer.  It is an indie game created by one person, with an amazing amount of depth and lots of room for creativity in the way you approach the platforming.  There are 4 areas, each area having 4 levels, all of which are procedurally generated, so that every time I play, the unique set of dungeon features/layouts are different.  I suppose there is a gameplay video out there on youtube somewhere of a section of a previous playthrough.


(Thank you nonoshape for that.)

Anyway, as can be seen, I managed to finally complete the last minigame-unlocking challenge there was available – beat the game in under 10 minutes.  Don’t trust the number of deaths I’ve had, since this is the latest version, and I have another 500+ deaths in an older version of the game.  But this is the first time ever that I have achieved this. (and recorded it.  I actually managed to do it 2 weeks ago, but accidentally quit the [censored] game right outside the final exit door to the endgame + credits.  The F9 button is “take screenshot”. F10 closes the game. )

Here is a link to the game:



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  1. With cheats, it takes me 30 minutes.

    I’m amazed you can do it legit in under 10.

    Then again, playing in the office isn’t such a good idea.

  2. I am glad you said that it’s ok not to understand the first part :p

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