Christmasween Holiday Trip

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During the second half of December, I was mostly tutoring, but I did spend two days up in Guangdong province eating, eating on tour buses and sleeping, during the 25th and 26th.

Day 1 lunch

native wildlife spotted

non-native wildlife that lives in jars

photos of towers with stranger in the foreground

you can assume it was heavy. There was another set right next to it that no one could lift.

Day 1 dinner

The hotel wasn’t too bad, but there isn’t any National Geographic or BBC service in China.  There is in Macau though, so that was weird.  I don’t recall watching anything interesting on TV.

Day 2 Breakfast

Breakfast buffet was very lame.  We went straight back to our room after dinner and watched the Lakers/Cavaliers basketball game.  Then somehow, dead or alive (the movie) was on, and I watched my younger cousin oogle over all the bouncing and fighting.  Personally, I thought the advertisement channel with slimming product ads was far more explicit in their choice of  camera angles.

After breakfast, we went on our tour bus and headed straight to lunch. At a buffet.

Day 2 buffet Round 1

Day 2 buffet Round 2

Day 2 buffet Round 3

Day 2 buffet Round 4

Day 2 buffet Round 5

And then we were tour-bussed back to Lo Wu, right at the border, where we had dinner.

Day 2 Dinner

Did I tell you how delicious the milk pudding was?

Anyway, happy Christmas and Merry New Year.  Back to school in a week.  Normal service will resume shortly.

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