Exams and Revision

November 25, 2009 at 9:24 pm | Posted in me | 1 Comment

When I become motivated to revise, usually a a day or two before a final exam, my brain kicks into a different level of operation.  Part of my brain starts to create a schedule of revision, another part begins to break information down into digestable portions and another part of my brain starts to convince every other part to not panic and calm down.  There is also a tiny section that encourages me to procrastinate some more so that I will study hard later.

Unfortunately, my only final exam is tomorrow, and I already started revising 2 weeks ago.  That was for stuff that I knew I needed practice.  All I have left, in these 21 hours or so, is to just memorise chunks of information.  Information that I probably will not need after this course because it is just common sense.  Okay, slightly more in-depth common sense, which is why I actually need to revise it.  Stuff like certain rules that must be defined verbatim.  Right now, I can feel increased blood circulation.  I probably have quite a bit of adrenalin too.  I know that because I already played 10 rounds of Counter-strike, and only died on my 10th round, with an average kill ratio of 5.5 kills a round.  31 bots + me, 16 vs. 16.

Anyway, one method of mass memorisation that works for me is to break all the information into sets of 10-20.  I then write down and memorise those points for 2 minutes, break for 10-20 minutes, usually by gaming and try to recall all the points.  Check with original.  I then memorise a new set of points and the ones I got wrong in the previous round and give myself another short distracting break.  Recall.  Repeat for new set of points, carrying on the ones  I got wrong. On and on until I go through all the information.  Of course, this only works for non-math related courses.  Anything involving math you just have to practise and understand, all the time.  Good thing I’m being tested on phonological concepts and teaching methods tomorrow night.

That might also explain why I haven’t been putting comic strips weekly.  They’ll be back very soon.  Don’t worry, I’m not out of plotlines, there are plenty in my buffer.  Just not right now, I’ve got revision and papers.  Oh, papers. 3 papers. Due in early to mid December.  Eh, I’ll be fine.  Right, end of procrastination.  Time to revise.  Oh wait where does this shortcut link to?? *clicks*

Brb, playing Torchlight.

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