2009 HK Comic World 28

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I never knew this even existed until yesterday.  Apparently every half a year in HK, all the doujin (fan published stuff, usually manga, games, music, novels, using characters from existing official anime/manga/games.  In this case, it was mainly manga and anime) artists converge into a convention and sell their products – their own drawn artwork, their own mangas with self-formulated plots, bookmarks, postcards, cushions, thin cardboard bags, etc.

This is what it looked like at one point:


One particularly beautiful piece of artwork on display:


Anyway, there was a lot of K-ON! fanart, a lot of Axis Powers Hetalia fanart, and a lot of Miku/Vocaloid fanart.  And a lot of Vocaloid cosplay. I saw two Aria doujins, one wasn’t bad but the artwork was slightly awful near the end and the other doujin was basically involved putting the girls of Aria through plastic surgery.  Basically bodies with big breasts and Aria heads popped on top.  In fact, here is the banner for that (rahter hentai-orientated) doujin group:

dodgy aria doujinshi

I did check the actual product out.  I got as far as the inside title page, before I found the content rather tasteless and un-Aria-ish.  Aria isn’t about girls with severe plastic surgery and sex, it is about comfort, peace and appreciating life and your surroundings.  Oversized breasts turn me off.  No subtlety, not sexy.

Here is my loot!


“Company of Girls” artbook, not for me, artbook of girls with guns in military scenes. 40 hkd

Reimu from Touhou sitting underneath a tree, two plastic cards, designed by a friend of mine, he had a stall there.  15 hkd

A4 poster of Azusa from K-ON!, thin cardboard, light gloss finish.  15 hkd

5 K-ON! cardboard bookmarks @ 1 hkd pp. 5 hkd

and a card sized Tsumugi from K-ON! cardboard bookmark, with plastic coating on top. 8 hkd.

total expenditure = 48 hkd for myself.  40 hkd artbook for Nanosheep not counted.

And as a result, the back of my bedroom door is now full.

azusa poster

There was some live music by different groups played on stage, it was pretty good.  The Azusa (w/ guitar) A4 poster and the Tsumugi bookmark were from the same stall, one of the few K-ON doujins with high quality artwork in good resolution, and more importantly, properly drawn eyes.  A lot of other groups drew K-ON! characters with very plain and blank eyes, like they were under hypnosis or something.  I’ve drawn K-ON eyes, they aren’t expanses of solid colour.  That same stall also had square cushions for 110 hkd each with various characters on them.  I suspect them of good vectoring, there was no visible pixellation that would indicate low resolution.  Hope I haven’t missed anything out.  Oh wait, the cosplay.

Some of it was good.  There was a LOT of vocaloid cosplay.  Too much.  It was like the cosplay store had a massive sale on vocaloid costumes, mostly Miku and the blond-haired twins.  (if you don’t know any of the names, jfgi)  A significant tiny bit of hetalia axis powers, and bits and bobs of everything else.  Any spectacular cosplays? No, but the average level of cosplay was better than at Ani-com earlier this month.  I will come again in February.  Hopefully with more cash to spend, but really…I’m going to have a little talk about pricing in a later rant.  Lets just say that most of the stall owners there are artists not economists.

Oh, and thank you to Lol-ness and Jigga for putting up with me dragging them around all the stalls twice to make sure I didn’t miss checking out anything K-ON! or Aria related.


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