Biking Trip Photos

August 19, 2009 at 10:48 am | Posted in Hong Kong, me | 1 Comment



Hey look! Its a rare sighting of the JF.


Completely unintentional group photo, only missing the photographer.  We were hiding from the brief burst of rain in a snack stall near the Science Park next to Tolo Harbour.


Tai Po Waterfront Park, enjoying the view.


As well as inspecting our crsipy skin.  Coincidentally, we had a roast duck related lunch in Tai Po.


Obligatory Group photo, including the elusive photographer who took most of the photos here, except this very group photo.  Contrary to popular belief, those two weren’t hugging me.  They were feeling each other up.


final photos before we headed off to lunch and then back to Tai Wai.


Oh, and thank you DK for most of the photos and Henry for the group photo.


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  1. nah, we jsut love you too much Leo, we were hugging you XD

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