Ani-com 2009

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Ani-com, the annual Anime and Manga convention held in HK.

First off, I would like to thank LOL-ness for having access to free VIP tickets that allowed us to avoid lining up in the enormously long queue and use a faster, less packed entrance.  It was very peaceful for the first 5 minutes.  Empty aisles, slowly making our way to our first publisher.  Anyway, here are some random photos.

dr slump

random exhibit of winners of a model competition.  Here is one such winner.



Anyway, the important part!  My loot.


Tall thin box containing 2 x K-ON! stick posters = 55 HKD

2 x bookmarks, the non-Aria one is not for me = 14 HKD @ 7 HKD each

K-ON! Doujin booklet, good quality paper there = 35 HKD (good for vectorising too)

and finally,

Entire Set of Aria Manga (Chinese) -1 volume = 312 HKD

Total =  416 HKD.  Much fun was had and many ugly cosplays were seen.  There was a statistically sexy Black Rock Shooter Miku though.  She had on what basically appeared to be a bikini top with hot pants largely covered all around except the front in a cloak, all black,  wielding an oversized realistic paper machine gun.  (mm, girls with guns, google “black rock shooter miku” for more details).  Actually, the main point I would make here would not be her attire but her looks.  They were close to being an anomaly.

Back to my loot!  Here is the Aria and the stick posters.

ariakon posters

there will be a strip relating to the posters sometime soon.  And regarding the missing volume, the only store in the convention had their entire Aria cleared by a certain koofle and LOL-ness.  We then went to Mong Kok to get the missing volumes that I couldn’t buy at the convention.  None, not one of the store had volume 9 in stock. NONE.  I wonder what is so special about that volume.  Thats about it.  It deserves anothe rvisit next year.


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  1. It seems that the once honourable and sensible Leo has been corrupted by the taint of evil.

  2. Honour? Where? XD

    btw, I checked my ARIA volume 9, nothing particularly special in it, so I have no idea why it’s sold out.

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