Facebook and Religion

July 27, 2009 at 11:10 pm | Posted in me | 2 Comments

A while ago, I noticed an interesting similarity between Facebook and Religion.  I think that the Church has some properties that are similar to that of Facebook.

Though I currently am a believer in Haruhi-ism (summarised as “who cares what happened three years ago, the future is forged by your own willpower”), once upon a time I did attend Sunday school when I lived in Sydney.  The Church acts as a social networking hub, just as FB does.  Not only could you meet your friends there, you were also likely to meet new friends.  Information and news could be exchanged.  You can poke people and leave messages on other people’s walls OR, you could just walk up to someone, shake their hand, hug them and talk face-to-face, and maybe even organise events.  You couldn’t check someone’s profile page to find their relationship, but you could find it out directly by seeing the interactions between fellow goers.  And finally, instead of having heaps of applications, one had recreation rooms with ping pong tables, cupboards full of board games and whatnot.

Thats about all I have to say I think.  Typing it all out made me realise why I didn’t do this earlier – there wasn’t much point to it. =P  It was merely an observation, nothing rantish or hilarious.  but, it was still interesting to me.  I could also go into all the differences between FB and the Church, but it starts getting boring there.


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  1. This means the niceties and proprieties of life loose priority. ,

  2. Why would He waste His infinite time on me? ,

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