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First off, apologies for the lack of content.  You can assume that whenever I’m not posting it is because I am probably busy gaming.  Last night, I finally completed an entire Battlefield 1942 campaign on Hard.  so, back to rants and comics and wallpapers.

The Hong Kong Book Fair is coming up, and there recently has been some public discussion over some of the content that will be sold at the Book Fair.  In Koofle terms, some businessman decided that the japanese business model of “gravure” idols could be profitable in Hong Kong.  Basically, in Japan, there are “idols” that neither sing, dance, nor act, and merely sell their looks, mostly by publishing photo albums containing photos of themselves in provocative costumes (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gravure_idol) .  All the sensitive parts of the anatomy are safely covered up and nothing explicit is ever shown.

As a results, various groups of people have appeared to “discuss” this obvious commercialisation of sexuality.  Some feel that such material is inappropriate to be shown in the setting of a BOOK fair.  Other groups have appeared, calling the previous group a bunch of “moral taleban” and that people should be allowed to do whatever they like within reason.

Before I put my face into this mess, I would like to state that I have never ever in my entire life, actually seen the Hong Kong teenage models in question, or their respective photo albums.  I have however, come across the covers of photo albums from Japanese gravure models in passing, during my wanderings around the interwebs.  And I think that everyone should shut up and focus their efforts in other areas.  For instance, there should be 18+ explicit tags on a large proportion of Music Videos on youtube.  And that MTV should be an adult subscription channel.  The sexual content in Music Videos is far more than what can possibly be shown in a photo album.  At the very minimum, photo albums contain photos; music videos provide very good sample material for anatomical animation, particularly with respect the females, and their upper torso.

Moreover, Japan has a larger population than Hong Kong, so the Japanese have a far larger sample  of people to select the “prettiest” (rather objective trait) from.  And I don’t really see Hong Kong as having a statistically significant proportion of really pretty young ladies, so I can be pretty sure that I will not find the teen models to be appealing at all. (“But they’re the prettiest in Hong Kong!” … “**** that, I’ll go look somewhere else thank you very much)  Then again, even if you did manage to find a bunch of extremely pretty females (3 standard deviations above the mean), they’d have to be willing to actually pose as models, and face the publicity…and along with it comes all the burden of being a piblic figure.

Argue away.  My mum believes that any girl given this chance would take it. I argued that the money and publicity just isn’t worth it.  I think this incident actually shows that Hong Kong isn’t really a very open society.

If the models in question have no skills other than looks, then the people who are actually purchasing the photo albums will be people interested in their looks.  Somehow, that makes it sound like buying the photo albums is no different from buying pornographic magazines.  Only that buying pornographic magazines from newspaper stalls or slightly seedier stores is more frowned upon.  Maybe these allegedly provocative photobooks will make sexuality in general a less taboo subject in Hong Kong? Who knows, I’m beginning to ramble.  All I know is – I’m certainly not going to be interested, since I would go for the Japanese gravure models first.  At the very least I would have more choice in term of appearance.

Anyway, here is a random idea for a wallpaper that I tried to implement, inspired by “Lady in Red”.  I didn’t come out as well as I had expected, but it looked great in my mind.  Sung by Chris Deburg, it was top of the UK charts in 1986.


lady in red lyrics 1280x1024

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  1. Haha, what I had just played BF1942 and know what happened,

    Bear in mind, the organizer of the HKBF(1942<-Joking) is the HKTDC, a organization that in charge of commercial trades, and a Enterance Fee itself can give 40M profit. It is impossible to boot off these girls out of the HKBF unless the whole HKTDC is removed, which is no way happen.

    Actually I think the recent "conflict" in facebook are likely a hoax, likely pre-planned by the agents behind the comapnies and publishers. However, I believe these teenage girls themselves has not much problem on their own. But what I heard some of the people joined the group because of hatred and jealousity with them rather than participating HKBF. Some Canto young singers also "write" some book and publish them in previous years, but not having such rebound on that.

    I have no study towards Gravure idol, but what I really care about is how will HKTDC dealing with chaos, or even worse, accident before the year that the Comic Festival's split

    (Just a reminder, when I saw on the HKEC on 1030pm (21/7), only 20 of fans of another singer were queueing outside, I am sure some of them already queueing inside because I heard the front was queueing ONCE the Typhoon No.9 signal was off)

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