Numbers and Sketchbook Wallpapers

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Its a Friday and I was bored at work.

numbers that I use a lot in life:

1 USD = 7.8 HKD
1 HKD = 12.5 JPY

Average time to travel from one MTR station to the next = 2 minutes
Average time taken to eat a meal = 20 minutes
Average time for a shower = 5 minutes.

HK = GMT +8
West coast = HK – 16
East coast = HK – 12

6:30 am = Time to set alarm clock to every night
10:30 am = Daily news email from slashdot.

35 HKD = cost for direct bus between Kowloon Tong and Sha Tou jiao

Anyway, Sora is the main character of Sketchbook Full Colours. She is a very shy character and likes to spend her Sundays wandering around the town by herself sketching things and enjoying green tea.  And she will never hesitate to pet a cat if shes sees any.


sora -- face 1280x1024


sora -- face 1600x1200


sora -- face 1680x1050


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