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Usually, I don’t really bother blogging about such boring events.  However, today was the first day I was being dragged along by family to the major electronics street, and also the first time that I was up in China with a thirst for chinese-language manga.  I have only ever read two volumes of manga (volumes is rather misleading, its just two books) that have been translated to Chinese, and they have been Aria vol. 1 and vol 2.

Random morning photo – I found it…rather interesting that I had two plates of legs on the table.  Most people wouldn’t think twice about eating deep fried “squid legs”…but

chicken feet

A significant proportion of people would think twice about chicken legs.  Iunno, I find them rather tasty.

Anyway, so we went to the main street full of electronics.  In one shopping centre I could not resist and bought a pair of these:


in-ear earphones, small leather carrybag with logo, multiple buds, impressive sound quality.  See what the price is on Amazon:

Buy new$119.95 $87.95
Price I paid for it will be included at the end of this post.
Then we wandered over to the nearest “book city”, basically a shopping mall with a humongous bookstore, with small other shops peppered around it, like KFC, Starbucks…and this store named “manga+anime world”.  I’d like to bitch about this  store.  Mainly, I’d like to complain that this “manga and anime world” sold NEITHER ANIME NOR MANGA.  None.  It did have PC games and pokemon figuirines and educational material for small children.  So much for calling it self an anime and manga store.
But, in the humongous bookstore, I did get my hands on a little bit of manga.  They had  around 5 to 6 shelves and most of them were dominated by:
-老夫子 (old master Q)
-One Piece
And around 10 other series, which is an utterly appaling selection.  However, I did manage to find a series that I did like, and bought all the different volumes availible that hadn’t had their plastic coveres ripped off yet.
If you don’t know what series this is, shame on you.
And that was about it.  Judging from the prices in USD on Amazon, I think the CX-500s cost around 400-500 HKD.  Sennheisers never cost less than 200 HKD around here anyway.  But in Shenzen?

I bought the brand new pair for 85 RMB.  Oh, the insanity of the situation.
1 RMB is currently worth more than 1 HKD, still 85 RMB doesn’t work out to more than 100 HKD.
edit: extra irony of the situation – Usually I have to cross the border over to China to work  on Wednesdays, but today was a public holiday in HK, so no work.  But still I had to cross the border for this family trip :/  Quite worth it though.

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