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Obscure, underrated, peaceful anime that will almost certainly be included on any list of favourite animes that I have.  And it will be rated half a place behind Aria.  They are both very similar, with very peaceful styles, but Aria beats out Sketchbook by having a whopping 3 seasons.   Not that it matters much, as The first episode of Sketchbook references Aria:

sketchbook aria reference

President Aria is a mascot for the bowling alley!

Anyway, here is one of the first cats you see in the anime, and the first cat that you see in the manga.  I think mike (pronounced “mee-keh” by the main character) might be the name of the cat owned by the creator of the manga.


mike ep1 pose 1 1280x1024


mike ep1 pose 1 1600x1200


mike ep1 pose 1 1680x1050

And I have a full on basketball suntan.  Or sunburn for that matter (credit goes to ltpkch for pointing that out).  That’s my shoulder, with bits of me heavily cropped off.  I’m like wearing a white vest, but I’m not.



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  1. Moar! Moar nekkid Koofle! I demand it!
    It’s better than tentacle rape.

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