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Itinerary = First day (amusement park + circus)  x Second day (zoo).  All places we went to were owned by the same parent company, including the attractions, hotel and other restuarants.  Actually, Chime Long (长隆) is one big tourist destination.   And not much else.

The amusement park was pretty big with 3 rollercoasters and numerous other rides and shows.  One ride that I would particularly like to talk about was their 4D cinema.  Regular 4D cinemas usually have moving seats, wind and water effects, and a movie with a lame plot to allow for such effects to be used.  Well, this movie was called “Dino Raiders”,  and this is the first time I have been in a 4D movie with TENTACLE RAPE.  So basically you are an observer seeing random aliens attack a planet full of dinosaurs.  In one scene, you are brought up to the mothership and alien tentacles reach out to grab you.  Thats when you get poked in the bottom and back by prodding mechanisms inside the chair.  Similar things happen a while later when the hero of the movie, a dragon, fights the main offensive ship which has…8 tentacles with claws on the end.  Yet more tenticality.  So yeah, that was a highlight, getting tentacle raped several times in a 4D movie.  Very recommend it.

Anyway, I tried out the two more advanced roller coasters, a regular steel roller coaster with 10 inversions, most of which were very unnecessary, and also a suspended roller coaster with vertical drops.  Hence, the following photo that I paid a whole 40 RMB for.  Thats more than 40 HKD.  I usually don’t buy this outrageously overpriced stuff, but it was the best souvenir from the place.

01-suspended rollercoaster

Well, the only dude not holding on for his dear life is either amazingly stupid, or everyone else is just a wimp. As with all evil suspended rollercoasters, the train stops for a slightly longer than comfortable brief moment just before the first major drop, just to let you admire the view.

02-suspended rollercoaster faraway

Also at the park were some copper and bronze statues.  That weren’t statues, but real life people standing very still and ignoring people waving their hands in front of their faces and whatnot harrassment.

03-copper statue

The hotel was fairly good, it was adertising its ecotourism-ness.  The rooms were all fitted with large LCD TVs, there were quite a lot of facilities that I didn’t use, and there were areas which would usually be open air courtyards next to eating places turned into floor to celing glass enclosures.

04-chimelonghotel birds05-chimelonghotel tigers

Random illegitimate egret/heron/stork hybrids that I didn’t bother reading signs for, and fuzzy white tigers.  Very fuzzy.  My camera batteries were starting to die ( I took 1 GB worth of video for the stunt show at the park) and so I was wary of using flash.  The tigers were right next to the dinner buffet section.  The buffet was slightly above regular, and very good for a mainland buffet.  The ice-cream in particular, was not nestle, but New Zealand Natural.  I ended my main course early and had 4 servings of ice cream.

We then went to a spectacular evening circus show that was as spectacular as a circus gets, except that I don’t really like seeing animals being used this way.  Lots of gunpowder and fireworks were consumed.  Otherwise it was great, and at times, rather trippy, with performers wearing LED suits and all the lights turned down.  One other complaint I had was the amount of blatant sexuality on show.  There were only two counts, but I really feel that the two counts were rather unnecessary, considering the number of children around.  The first were three female horseriders that did tricks on their horses, one of which involved doing the splits and leaning over one side of the horse while running in a circle, basically showing their costume crotches to the entire audience, not that there was much covering anyway. and they repeated the trick twice, at the start and end.  The second time was during an intermission whilst the darkened stage was being prepared for the next act when a whole bunch of brazillian dancer themed/rather scantily clad long line of women walked from one end of the ring to the other.  We don’t need more fodder for young imaginative minds.  Especially if they’re basically bikinis with peacock tails.  Anyway, back to the story.

Next morning, view from balcony of our room, and bits of the main lobby.

06-chimelonghotel  bedroomview07-chimelonghotel lobby

We then went to their zoo, which is basically half a humongous reserve with different areas which allowed traversing by car or train, and the other half was a regular zoo like the stuff you seen in ocean park with enclosures and whatnot.  We were all advised to take the guided train tour first.  Watch the animal spam.  My FPS skills came in handy with the moving, open air carriage.

08-zoo thing09-zoo thing

10--zoo phants11-black bear

Most of the animals are pretty obvious.  Final one is a black bear.  I tried to take another photograph…

12-black pillar

…but I was thwarted by the pillar of the carriage.   Another annoying thing were the private cars that stopped right in the middle of the showcase areas and restricted viewing angle.

13-wolves and stupid cars14-white tiger

wolves, and white tiger.


fuzzy rhinos and hippo.


Cheetahs and lions lazing about, you can tell that they don’t really like camera flashes, most of the animals had their backs to us.  Hey look, its a human!

19-baka human20-savannah

in order above – idiot, wildebeast and antelopes.


Here, we see giraffes in their natural surroundings.  I have no idea how they manage to build such structures by themselves, but then again, we made stonehenge.

22-ostrich aah

While travelling along, an ostrich ran out onto the road in front of the train.  Seeing the train, it started running away in front, and we had to slowly follow behind it.  It took a few steps and then gave up and sat down for some rest.

23-ostrich zzz

We had to back up and make an s-turn around it.  Onto the more regular zoo-ey bits.


Random human which what the sign said were pelicans.  I thought pelicans had pronounced beak pouches.  They could be cormorants for all I knew, but the point is, both of those types are water birds, so I have no idea why they were stuck here in a rain forest exhibit area.

Up next, nursery zone = ultra-cute tiger cubs and bear cubs.

25-dawww tiger cubs26-dawww bear cubs

And bear cubs attempting to evolve into a koala.

27-dawww more bear cubs

Outside the chimpanzee baby nursery was a reminder that I was in China. *flap flap flap*

28-fail signage

The sign obviously only applies to people born in the year of the rooster.

29-intense necking30-stupid human

Check that out, intense necking.  Who knew giraffes liked necking so much?

We then continued along the trail, into the “Australian” zone.  I have no idea why I wandered in, since I could, and have already seen the same animals in Australia.  Heck, I am Australian.  I don’t need to go to a zoo to see these things.  However,  I must admit that a trip here is much less expensive that one to Taronga zoo.  But the seafood wouldn’t be as good. (mm, calamari rings and tuna steaks.)

31-cockatoo quintet32-koalas

A bunch of cocaktoos that looks like they were going to burst out into some heavy quintet acapella action, followed by koala and human.


sleepy koala photo.


elephant in smaller enclosure followed by random bright bird that I forgot.


panda! I have a movie of the panda munching vigorously on bamboo.

37-parrots with sprinkler

It isn’t raining, but the parrots are perched in front of a sprinkler.  But speaking of sprinklers, it did actually start raining a short while after.

38-real spinkling

So we had to hide in a pagoda until the rain lightened up.  Not all animals like the rain.  the rhinos just shrugged it off, the monkeys continued playing, but the goats…

39-goats hiding from rain

…obviously did not like the rain at all and were all huddled under shelter in the form of playground structures.  How is playground equipment meant to be natural surroundings for goats?

40 - monkies

And rounded off with a photo of two monkeys.  Well, a monkey and a gibbon at least.

It was a pretty fun trip overall, but I would have preffered it to be much hotter and less humid with no rain.  I hate rain like I hate how my sneakers and socks get all wet, soggy and squealchy when I step in a puddle.  Nevertheless!  Recommended, particularly the tentacle raep.  This took like 1.5 hours to make >.> word count in the 1400s.


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  1. Mmm, tentacle rape and a cute human.

    I want to go there now! =D

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