Fashion. And possibly girls.

June 2, 2009 at 10:32 pm | Posted in Hong Kong, me | 2 Comments

Today I would like to talk about people.  While we’re walking around, sitting in a coffee shop sipping, standing/sitting on the MTR or whatever, there are bound to be some people who catch our eye.  Actually, wearing sunglasses is a great way to check out members of the opposite sex rather discreetly.  (Furthermore, I have a post a long long time ago on this site where I used the normal distribution to calculate the probability of spotting varying degrees of beautiful people on the MTR)

Just the other day in Central, I passed by a female whom I found to be very striking, and very much utterly breathtaking to someone other than me.  Maybe if they were in their 30s and had a thing for that look.  Anyway, Lets  get straight into the topic!  What is beauty in my eyes?

figure 06 hair

Most of us see the head first.  Particularly the hair.  When I see hair, I look for two things.  Actually, I can only think of two things to consider – colour and style.  I find prefer natural hair colour, but garish colours are a nono.  Nothing that looks like you were out while it was raining highlighter fluid.  I have no idea whats up with black-haired people dyeing their hair shades of red, but thats fine with me.

Long hair is usually a plus in people’s eyes.  Sure it looks good.  But one must also appreciate those who do cut it short to around shoulder length, and still pull off something stylish.  I don’t think I’ve seen anyone with hair as short as mine and still catch my interest though.  Cleanliness is also a factor.  Whenever I see long-haired girls that muss it up and fix it in place with gel, I think of how close they need to be to a naked flame for their hair to catch on fire.

Also with hair – what is up with people wearing mesh hats as accessories? They look [censored] stupid, loosely fit on top with bling.  As opposed to be snug and practical, casting a shadow over the eyes.  I think its yet another HK fashion trend.

figure 05 face

I don’t have the technical language to describe what I find attractive in a face, but if you show me, I can tell you if I like it or not.  I’m sure there are several different facial topographies that fit my face (I told you I don’t know the jargon).  Maybe looking like Alizee might help, but thats just one combination.  I’m sure there are many others.  Excessive makeup is a nono.  Serious eyebags and panda eyes are probably indicative of a messed up lifestyle. Nono too.

On the other hand, when I see what I think are mum-daughter pairs walking together, I look at the daughter, imagine a horizontal scroll bar for her age, and mentally drag her age up.  Then I take a look at the mum for the answer.  Its not completely accurate, but its a pretty good estimate.  Its thought provoking to see which features stand up to time.

Oh, glasses count as face too.  I notice that a lot of people these days wearing thick, black-rimmed glasses, and I don’t know why it looks good.  It feels more like everyone is just following a random trend like a sheep.  I’m rather anti-sheep.  Silver rims are a nice boring colour that doesn’t make you look like a sheep.  Gold might be overdoing the mature look though.

figure 04 top

Next up, top.  Can be very prominent or not so prominent.  I can’t think of any case of tops that I would balk at.  Maybe too much cleavage.  On the other hand, there are a lot of figures that I might balk at.  Face it, if your stomach has a significantly larger circumference than your chest, you have an issue.  And you probably aren’t soothing to look at.  I’d make a comment on how wearing a scarf as a fashion accessory in this summer weather is stupid, but I am guilty of wearing a scarf with my shorts and T-shirt in winter.

figure 03 hands

Following down, I come to the arms and hands.  What could I possibly be choosy about when it comes to arms and hands???  I have no idea.  Excessive ringlery on fingers is impractical though.  I’m not particularly provoked by youths lugging around designer handbaggery.  Though there are almost certainly more practical choices.  (I’ve seen a dude with an Agnes B. shoulder carrier.  Hell, I’ve seen grown men in royal purple tights and denim minishorts complete with purple pointy-toed shoes. With more a regular looking top on.  But thats for the next section.)

figure 02 bottom

Yes, other than that garish sight on the MTR once, there should be rules.  No male or female over the age of 40 should be allowed to wear mini-anythings, unless they are going to run in a marathon or do other sports.  This includes miniskirts and minishorts.  Speaking of miniskirts, denim miniskirts seem to be another fashion item.  Girls in minishorts are fine.  Denim miniskirts seem too popular and overabused.  And misworn.  And mostly only look really good if you’re leggy.  Which most people aren’t.  Take some risks! Try wearing something longer ffs.  Not everyone has the legs for miniskirts.  How about longer, comfy cotton dresses? Or baggy cotton harem pants?  Hmm, or maybe not.  Undecided on the harem pants.  My own priority is comfort.  I would go for comfort over style.

figure 01 feet

And finally, we come to shoes.  WHAT IS UP WITH THE [CENSORED] CONVERSE CANVAS SNEAKERS?  Buy Converse stocks or something.  Not their shoes.  Its YASHKFI (yet another stupid Hong Kong fashion item).  Don’t mind flip flops or sandals.  When I’m on the MTR, I tend to be staring around at shoes a lot.  Mostly to see if I can catch someone wearing the same brand and model as mine.

And thats about it.  I feel like I’ve ended up ranting more than commented on my viewpoint on what I find appealing in people, but hey.  These are the fastest 1009 words I’ve ever written in my life.

figure figure



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  1. I agree. Excessive makeup is a huge turn-off for me.

    Also those who dress in 99-100% big brand names, like Giorgio Armani, Versachi, etc.

  2. I really do not like much make up,too

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