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I’d like to talk about three animes that I am rather fond of – Lucky Star, Hidamari Sketch and K-ON!. (other ones include Haruhi and Aria, but they’re unrelated to this discussion)

What connects the three of them is that they are all animated adaptations of manga, specifically 4 panel manga. (If you can handle having your faced glued to the computer for an entire week, make a detour to onemanga or mangafox and check these three out in its original form. Also, check out the structure of 4 panel manga, which I also happen to use unknowingly in my strips.)

But what I find interesting is how they got transferred to animation.  The anime that bears closest resemblance to its original 4 panel form is lucky star, followed closely by hidamari sketch and finally K-ON!.  Quite often in lucky star it is obvious when a skit ends.  there is a rather abrupt change of surroundings and people watching are taken to a completely different scene.  A similar thing occurs in Hidamari Sketch but not as often.

However, Hidamari Sketch often inserts a short, abstract,  animated interlude between different strips, which are physical cuts between scenes, but also give the sense that they just don’t want to watchers to see the characters physically move from one place to another.  Hidamari also has a greater sense of continuity between scenes.  All the main characters live in the same block after all.

And finally, we have K-ON!.  The main characters move as a pack, so there is the greatest sense of continuity, and when the anime focuses on one of the characters, there are no sudden jumps to other characters to break the flow.  There are no interludes.

Anyway, that is now  off my mind.  Fully recommend these three mangas in anime form.  Also recommend Aria, (in both manga or anime form), but maybe not Haruhi.  Haruhi I feel is a wee bit out there.  Its more philosophical, as much as animes can go.  Oh, one more plug for K-ON! – there are girls with guitars innit!  And more importantly, the musical instruments are anatomically correct.  Apparently the chinaware is too.  One note on Aria – I have never ever bothered reading an entire volume of manga ever in Chinese, but I may very well do so soon.  and yes, it almost certainly is going to be volume 1 of Aria.

Finally, I would like to state that I have an oily stomach.  My mum was working late so I came home after tutoring, showered, cooked the rice and pan fried pork chops beforehand.   All without a tshirt on, stupid summer is here with its humidity.  It was a stomach prickling experience with splattery oil.

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