Birthday Cake! Stepmania! and other timewasters

June 13, 2008 at 7:12 pm | Posted in games, me | 3 Comments

well, I turned 21 yesterday, but my phone line has been messing up, so my connection has also been rather slow. As if a 56k modem wasn’t slow already.(regular 56 kbps reduced to 33.3, 19.2, or even 14.4 kbps speeds T.T) Anyyway, no birthday presents, cos I have yet to find a portable mp3 player that plays flac files. Otherwise I would’ve bought one for myself.  Along with a pair of decent headphones to enjoy it with.

meanwhile, ice cream cake goodness


Oh, I still have half an ice cream cake to finish off tonight.

And in other news, my stepmania skills are returning, via daily practice.  half an hour very day only!

considering that the song is 6 minutes and 30 seconds long (390 s), I was (on average) pressing around 8 keys a second for 390 seconds straight.  fun!

Also fun is Dwarf Fortress, but it has a really steep learning curve. Not as dangerous as onemanga, but yeah.  Its like playing sims with dwarves cept you have to survive with an intial 7 dwarves, build your own outpost/fortress, create material wealth and avoid losing indefinitely. There is no winning condition. Still, it has amazing depth and allows for a lot of creativity. Plus lots of randomly generated stuff, to be added later.

The Guy v 2.0 will be back around very soon.  I have a backlog of over 12 plot lines to draw up =P


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  1. Koofle! Happy Birthday, is that why I didn’t see you online yesterday?
    Hmmmm, ice cream cake. *wants*

  2. so that’s where you were….i was waiting to say happy birthday….
    happy birthday anyway 🙂

  3. This seems belated, because it is belated (sorry, haven’t been on the site in a while), but Happy (belated) Birthday!

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