Idyllic Rhapsody #002 – 4 x 11

May 12, 2008 at 1:50 am | Posted in comics | 5 Comments

there is not much special meaning behind the title.  ought to be pretty obvious.  aaanyway, Enjoy!

Strips appear to be taking …twice as long to output as The Guy v2.0 strips :/ at max, around 1 hour per “page” compared with 20-30 minutes for The Guy.  Then again, all this stuff is being drawn on the spot, and can’t reuse previous graphics for small hand/facial gesture altering like I do in The Guy. =P



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  1. and then…? it was a man?

  2. Why do the eyes, the body, the arms and the legs all look pretty much the same?

  3. Initially, I wasn’t even going to decorate the four l l s, but I felt it required too much of a stretch of imagination.

  4. ¬_¬ Now I r teh jealous. Rawr. 😡

  5. Who is it that still wears blue skirts? Not someone from KGV still?

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