Idyllic Rhapsody Teasers! (and announcement)

May 9, 2008 at 1:00 am | Posted in comics | 1 Comment

Well, initially I had planned a deep and meaningful semi cartoonish texty kinda thing about a guy and his maturation as he learns about love and life.  However, it turns out that I’m still too young, or not detached from myself enough to be able to extract each individual feeling/emotion, distill it and present it in a comic strip.  So I’ll have to be slightly more shallow, and come up with something more light-hearted.  In the style of a 4 pan- wait, doesn’t that sound familiar? :S Don’t I do that already?  Its a freestyle rhapsody.  I’ll do what I want.  Gives me an excuse to chuck a wallpaper-sized diversion every so often.

Speaking of 4 panels – 4 panels are great! Azumanga Daioh was initially a 4 panel strip(aka – YonKoma) =D as was Lucky star. (Azumanga wins out barely, because of Takaguchi-san(who is chiyo-chan’s dog in you forgot *coughhackahemDKguffaw*))

Anyway, back to the original topic.  I wish to make it slightly tinted with romance.  A challenge! (slightly tinted? complete romantic comedy ftw!)  Panel mileage may vary. Harder than coming up with a 4-panel into+buildup+climax/conclusion/punchline.  And there was something else I was going to add.  But I won’t, and I hope you can figure out what it is soon, cos I’m evil.


1280×800 widescreen

Oh, and as a final word, I was inspired by all the unrealistic fairy tale-ish improbably light hearted romance mangas I’ve been reading as a form of procrastination lately.  (see Pastel, Genshiken,  etc @ <-you have been warned.  That site is a black hole.  Once you’re in, you won’t be leaving until you’ve devoured all their manga.  which is a lot.  I highly recommend it if you have time. I don’t take any responsibility for any phases of extreme time sucking the site can induce.)

*sigh* I really wanted to craft a moving story.  but oh well, my abilities are limited.

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  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww 😀 ❤

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