Wacky Hotel Design

March 23, 2008 at 7:40 pm | Posted in comics | 4 Comments

#031 Wacky Hotel Design


I’m serious about the mozzies 😦 I got two on my right ear, two on my little pinky (right hand, lower joint area), between the nose and right eye, front right shin, above left ankle and…(wait for it)….right side of lower lip.  I bet you all have never got bitten on the lip before.  Its not pretty. Unless you like lopsided pouty lower lips.

 Otherwise, the two day, 1 night golfing trip was fun 😛  Very cheap food. Food.  Foooooood.  Some of which was not over oily too. Foooood. mmmm…

edit: forgot to mention.  The big pane of toilet glass did attempt to provide some modeesty with two roll-down drapes covering half a pane each, leaving a conspicuous 5 cm wide strip in between. Fun.



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  1. The Guy v2.0 Special sponsored by Samsung =p

  2. thats so much like the hotel/motel from my sassy girl!!!

  3. I wonder what is cheaper: glass or drywall

    Also noting the fact that it is a double bedroom….

    (Happy to be in a country 10,000 kilometers away)

  4. I agree with nath xD

    And I’m pretty sure if my maid read your blog, she’d say something lame like “the mosquitoes were kissing you”.

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