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May 20, 2007 at 9:02 pm | Posted in comics, facts and figures | 2 Comments

 According to a survey done on a local forum, which did a poll on the top ten most popular lies parents tell children:

-“you were born from a rock”

-“your front teeth will fall out if you lie”

-“the police will arrest you for ceaseless crying”

-“I’d rather give birth to BBQ pork than you”

I do believe that these quotes can be heard on the street rather easily, given the presence of a kid that has been mis-brought up by stupid noob parent.  I strongly urge the implentation of a “parents diploma” where only qualified parents are allowed to have babies.  or sex, for that matter.  Optionally, child-raising should be deferred to grandparents, who would probably have experience in screwing up child-rearing first time round (i.e – their own offspring), and wouldn’t be as likely to make the same mistake twice.


I’m sure I was also meant to post up something very serious and philosophical, but I completely forgot while drawing the comic.XP

Dads, Baths and Computers





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  1. If you need to re-install windows that many times why don’t you get a spanking new one?

  2. I haven’t heard any of those quotes before… but they’re funny!

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