oyster kiddo #4 & pwetty wallpapers

February 26, 2007 at 1:13 am | Posted in comics, website | 1 Comment

oyster buy boy #04


ahaha more random typos.  enjoy the late valentines output by nanasheep. *nanosheop **nanosheep.

I got blue-screened again. =.=  this time, when i restarted my computer, my anti-virs got forced to travel several days back in time, making me download 4 mb worth of updates on my 56k.  Several previously deleted files were back on the desktop.  my add/remove programs window nearly didn’t load.

but but but, I found this pretty cool website – 1000 “abstract” wallpapers free for download.  it might have a watermark logo on the bottom right, but that can be easily photoshopped out..unless you choose a complicated wallpaper.  I like mine…nice and simple, like the giraffe and the turtle…or maybe the cow. Duplicates are for different wallpaper sizes. oh, and the cubed watermelons.  Quite a few cute romantic ones, and lots more.  Spend a procrastinative half hour browsing and downloading =).  logo removal can be easily done in mspaint, or photoshop if you have it.  the tree and the sky is pretty neat too.

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  1. Oh noes! you missed #03!

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