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no kidding. i have the memory of a goldfish.  Which is why I can send stuff to myself and be surprised 10 seconds later that anyone would send anything to me. XD

Meanwhile the hong kong census and statistics department released a report today.   Hong Kong now has 6,900,000 people.  Excluding foreign maids, the female to male ratio is 1000:961.  For every 1000 HK women, there are 961 males.  And around 30% of married HK men have wives from China (not hk).  there were statistics, but I got blue-screened by stupid windows XP 30 minutes ago with a LOT of unsaved stuff running.  So there was a lot more info that I jotted down but can’t be bothered to find again now.

Nano was complaining about the lack of music. Well, he can wait.  I had a few sites up, but I lost them cos of blue-screenage.  I wasn’t intending to bookmark them.  Tomorrow siin la! =p

back to school tmr -.-” Just usual.//


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  1. Why does your computer blue screen so much? Maybe its time to reformat and reinstall windows.

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