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February 21, 2007 at 11:32 pm | Posted in facts and figures, website | 2 Comments

There is a online collaborative site, called Project Gutenberg [] which is an online resource of ebooks.  A lot of these are classics for which there are no royalty fees.  There are a lot of authors, a lot of categories.  Over 20,000 books.  And not just English too.  They also have some audio books, a little bit of sheet music, and some useful and not so useful data.  Such as the square root of 4 to a million significant digits.  I downloaded the file – it was what I thought it would be: “2.” followed by a 11 kb worth of zeros.  More useful ones would include the reciprocal of pi to outrageous accuracy.

Several more interesting recommendations would be…searching for authors such a:

-Beatrix Potter (The adventures of Peter Rabbit, including the illustrations)

– H.G. Wells (Time Machine, the shape of things to come…and a lot of others)

After a bit more searching, I discovered

-the papers of Plato,  the philosopher

-Einstien’s paper on relativity

-two books by agatha Christie

-a few bits and peices by James Joyce

-a few Issac Newton books

and probably a lot more which I haven’t found…

Chinese New Year Holiday nearly over, back to school, back to stress, back to working my ass off.//



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  1. Make some music related posts!

  2. this is music related! there are finale music scores on that site for a few songs. =p

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