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I have named Nanosheep’s newest comic “WaWoW”. He just calls it ob-002.jpg. How boring. =p



why? well, it stands for “Warning about World of Warcraft” What is World of Warcraft? Its an online role playing game. All you do with online RPGs is waste all your time levelling up and searching for rare items. Why are there rare items? So that you will continue playing the game just to show if off. Even writing this blog is better than playing WoW. At least I don’t waste as much time, and I get to know more about the daily news.

I got my copy of next week’s times yesterday. I’d call it my “little red book” that gets updated weekly. Random stuff (source- The Times)

-quote: “This unfortunate error breaks my heart.”

Who said this: Keith Mitchell

Who is he: The Prime minister of Grenada, a Carribean island.

Why: ahahaha He was apologizing because the Taiwanese anthem was played to honour Chinese “Dignitaries” when they were opening a local Sports Stadium built by financing from China.

Random News Summary

-Everyone knows about Microsoft Vista, which has come out. Well, microsoft has already announced the succesor to vista, which they will call: Microsoft Vienna. What an insult to the city of beautiful music and home to one of the best orchestras in the world.

-Norway is considering imitating china and erecting a Great Firewall of Norway, which will censor all hate material, all pornography (All! not just child pornography. Won’t half their population become deprived? And where will all the curious teenagers learn about sex? Better accurately online than inaccurately from friends. ahaha actually, no I don’t care at all, cos I don’t live in Norway =p), foreign gambling sites and sites containing copyright-infringing material (i.e. – bit torrent, etc).

sorry no links to the exact news site, cos they were in random languages or non-existant.

special Valentine’s  day edition coming tomorrow! With “The Guy” too! //


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  1. Vienna is a codename for the next Windows operating system due to be shipped in 2009 at this time. It’s not new, it has been known as Blackcomb since 2000.

    The Norwegian proposal for Internet censorship within Norway was made by a panel working on cybercrime and is not a majority view (politicians, general public).

    Maybe you should stay out of journalism =p

  2. ahahaha i change it to “olds” then. And note “considering” and the rather polarised viewpoint stated. =p No I’d make a pretty bad journalist. 😀 which is fine cos I don’t get paid for the quality of my work.

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