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Imagine an MTR train. Each train has 8 carriages. Lets assume a regularly filled car – not too full, not too empty. Each carriage has 4 pairs of 6 seats, and maybe 8 people hanging around each pair of doorways, of which there are 5 per carriage.

So how many people are there on a “regular” MTR train? (according to my assumptions )…

8 carriages x [(6 sitting x 2 seats x 4 sets ) + (8 standing x 5 doorways)] = 8 x ( 48 + 40) = 8 x 88 = 704

Lets say half are students/kids/senior citizens and the other half are full paying adults. Lets say that they all travel the shortest distance. How much does the MTR earn?

(352 x 2.40) + (352 x 3.80) = 844.80 + 1337.60 = HK$2182.40

Thats like a … guesstimate, but yeah. Random stuff XD. More random figures to be pondered over in the next few days.

Random news summary – all the stuff that you really didn’t need to know but is the most interesting

-soon, people in the UK will be able to use their mobiles to watch Youtube videos and send links and upload movies, via a Youtube mobile service.

-New York is planning to create legislation that will make it illegal to listen to one’s iPod or portable music device or use their blackberries while crossing the road.

-and microsoft announced that clippy, the ever helpful office assistant, was killed. Yes, it is not appearing in office 2007. Not that I ever have one of those annoying animating things while I work.

-on a completetly different note, here is a long article describing recent changes in EA games’ (electronic arts)  game development strategy, in response to the success of the Wii (yay!) and the flagging demand of the PS3 and XBOX 360 (yay!).

Dilbert’s owner’s blog

This got placed in the wrong order, but my website recommendation of the day is… well everyone knows Dilbert, the smart four-eyed dog with a  not-so-smart master whose tie defies gravity.  Meet Scott Adams, their creator, and his blog, which is relatively non-dilbert-ish and fun to read every day, yet retaining his great humour and sarcasm.

Have a nice day =) //

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