Decisions, decisions…part 2

February 11, 2007 at 8:19 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments


=D back to me.  There will be stuff by nanashop  Nanosheep (ahahaha what a typo) if he puts any up.

Now for the ultra-cute stuff!  Koalas are cute, kittens and puppies and hamsters may be cute, but baby pandas have to e ranked among the ultra-cute.  Apparently 18 cubs born in China’s Wolong Reserve (Sichuan) have just been named, by voting (how…d*m*cr*t*c – self-censored, just fill in the missing vowels).  So naturally, there will be photos.  Taken from the BBC news, who didn’t give their source(well, its prolly AFP, but I dunno what that stands for):

as usual, I refuse to hotlink the images, and have hosted them on this server.




panda babies galore


they look really inquisitive, don’t they?  Almost like they were the one who made it.


they even get their own slide…


ahaha, just plain cute.  synchronized bottle-drinking!

Random news summary

gmail can now use pop3 to access and manage your other email accounts.

Obama just declared his run for the presidency.  Apparently, this is one interesting presidency run.  There are chances that the first female/black/latino president will be elected.  Not that anyone else outside of the US really cares. ^^” (no offence meant)

wheeee…only 1 hmk due next week, life is less stressful for one week only. //


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  1. hahaha… I thought you said Osama.

  2. Heya Leo, you seem to be updating quite regularly =p

    btw AFP = Agence France Presse, sort of like the Associated Press but French.

  3. i like big butts

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