Oyster kid

February 10, 2007 at 1:09 am | Posted in comics, tools | 1 Comment

I’m taking a day off. Nano (aka – DK, nanosheep, the guy who takes photos of fire when his house is in flames instead of running away) has been exercising his creativity during his boring lectures and has come up with this “oyster kid”.

okay okay, so maybe not oyster kid, but “Oyster Boy”. at least, thats what Nano likes to call it. He draws them by hand, scans it, and uses mspaint to copy and paste some stuff. Its currently “unnamed” so I’ll name it Oyster Boy #01 until further notice from its creator.

Oyster boy #01 


Yup. Great stuff. XD English essay complete, two physics hwks handed in, now for next week’s work. T_T Its neverendingg. BTW, CUHK just announced all successful EAS applicants. Congrats to them.

Random News summary

-microsoft was planning to ditch the name “hotmail ” for “windows live mail”,  but it seems like they’ve settled with “windows  live hotmail”

-Apple may be switching from using tiny hard drives  in its portable music devices to using flash drives.

-for all you IE7 users out there (thats internut exploder number 7),  and you really really hate the stupid menu bar position being in the middle of things instead of at the top where it belongs, this site will show you how to make a registry editing file to change it.  Optionally, just download this reg file off my site and run it. note – IE7 only. The menu bar is fine where it is in IE6.


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  1. hahahahaha. I’d buy the toy set first. But I suppose my mom would stop me from destroying the world 😦 That’s more embarrassing.

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