Valentine’s day woes

February 9, 2007 at 12:13 am | Posted in comics, website | 2 Comments


This will be my first valentine related strip. I couldn’t help making it! It was such a bad pun! XDXDXD And the other plots I thought up didn’t feel that effective, so there you go. XP

Currently wordking hard to complete 3 pieces of homework due tomorrow, so that I don’t have to stay up until 4am 3 Fridays running. I hope you enjoyed the mis-translated chinglish from the previous post. Yesterday, there seemed to be a lot of stuff that I could put up for today, but now I’ve forgotten it all.

oh yes, now I remember. I’d received my weekly times magazine, which had a lot of mo liu facts, but I left it in school. ><” stupid me. So that will have to wait. Meanwhile here is the random recommendation of the day:

-If you like messing around with fonts, urbanfonts [urbanfonts] provides large numbers of different fonts free of download.  Not that I need it.  I have loads already =p

meanwhile, I just found out that I have ONE whole week of chinese new year holidays. *breathes out a sigh of relief*  So I will have time to catch up on revision and some more.

Daily news summary

-hot off the stove (like 5 mins ago) – GMail is now free-for-all. (goes off and refreshes his gmail.  nope, the invite thingy is still there.  Well, it is still there, as far as everyone goes, and I can’t find anywhere to sign up. ) However, they have a “switch” email function where you give them your old address domain and they will give you a gmail account with the same username.  Like maybe from to

thats all.  Unless you’re interested in the 2630 people (77 different countries) which got arrested after their IP was found visiting the largest Child Pornography ring ever busted.  People arrested were from 17 to 69 and the kids involved were as young as 5, up to about 14. That is completely unacceptable.  Not only because there really is nothing to look at, but also because…imagine you were a parent of one of those kids -_-.  And more practically, they’re too young to know what it really is, so it counts as rape.

2 Physics homeworks down, got an English paper to finish! *ROAR*  I shall not sleep at 4am again.  Maybe it might be 5am…or my first all-nighter.   But my first lesson tomorrow is at 1:30pm, for only 2 hours, so no worries ^^.//



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  1. So the guy is gay afterall!

  2. no, the other “dude” is just a plot-pushing device. Not that I’m homophobic or anything, but the guy ain’t gay. Maybe some other character. Hell, the guy doesn’t even look gay.

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