Lost in translation

February 7, 2007 at 8:57 pm | Posted in hilarious, website | Leave a comment

My homeworks for the weeks ahead have been scheduled = continual stress. On the other hand, lets get straight to the interesting stuff.

Taken from the wall street journal, Bejing has finally decided that it should fix all its mis-translated English signs that lie around the place in preparation for the 2008 olympics.

In their full colour and splendour, taken from the Wall Street journal:


thats a lot of confusion just to say: “no bicycle parking beyond this point, you are responsible if you leave it here and it gets lost”


we like to call them “feritility clinics”


what a way to say: “disabled toilets”


office placard, somehow reminds me of E.T.


they have worse typos than me on msn


I feel that there was a vast misunderstanding on the use of some words…^^”


apparently, this has already be fixed to the more accurate “Hospital of proctology”

The above seven photos were obtained from the wall street journal, which in turn refferred them from pocopico.com, another rather nice info/diary-blog-ish website.

Summary of random news that might be important

-Vodaphone has joined forces with Myspace, in order to allow people to update and view their Myspace from mobile phones. Not really that interesting, considering that I don’t know many people around me who use it.

– *gasp* If you use firefox, a new exploit has been found, making your machine run code via the pop-up blocker. Fortunately, it only affects , not 2.0.1. got me worried for like a few minutes, unitl I read the entire article.

-on more positive news, the European commission intends to introduce new laws to force carmakers to decrease carbon dioxide emissions from their models, by 18% in 5 years.

-large amounts of snow are expected in the UK

-and some really mo liu UK scientists have formulated an equation regarding the “beer goggles” effect- where being intoxicated distorts one’s vision, making other observed people more “attractive”.

ahaha okay, thats enough. I need to finish my English essay.//

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