The Guy – “Decisions, decisions…”

February 6, 2007 at 10:49 pm | Posted in comics | 1 Comment

Its back! I apologise in advance if the quality is a bit low, I’ve lost my touch, still getting it back. To retain the smooth look of the page, it has been thumbnailed. It also reduces my loading time and cuts my 56k modem some slack.
Decisions, decisions…

Decisions, decisions…

Today was my full day. Half my week feels over already. 8:30am -> 6:15 pm. For my lab, we were doing random stuff about semiconductors and band gaps, whatever they may be. I didn’t know. My lab mates didn’t know. The TA didn’t care. In fact, our teaching assistant was like: “When I took this course, I hardly understood any of the labs we did either.” One more note about my laboratory session – our entire calss has 3 people + 1 teaching assistant. The prof is rarely around. Not like he does anything constructive. He is one [censored] [censored] of a [censored]. Lazy [censored][censored] too. Anyyywaaay, I only have half days for the rest of the week, so I either get off early, or get to sleep in. =D

Oh, and just in case any of you forgot, Chinese New year is coming up soon. It starts on the 17th. The NBA all star game is on the 18th, GMT-8 Eastern time. And of higher urgency is Valentine’s day, which is on the 14th. Three very important dates. Interestingly, only Valentine’s day never changes. Its always the 14th. Unlike the other two.

Today, I would like to introduce windows vista to you. For the love of your ipod, DO NOT upgrade to vista. Rumours abound that trying to upload/download songs to and from your ipod while using itunes or whatever will corrupt your ipod hard-drive. End of [censored] story. Actually, the rumours were from Apple. So its either fact, or an evil way to slow down mirsofoct revenue.

[edit] I really do apologise.  There is really a problem with vista and itunes.  Thats why they just released a patch.

Summary of the day

-Liverpool gets owned: well, rather literally. George Gillet and Tom Hicks (both American Tycoons) are taking over Liverpool. Both of them already seperately own NFL Hockey teams and baseball teams. According to BBC news, its “the first time that two owners of rival sports clubs in one league have combined to purchase a club in another”.

-79th Oscars are being held on February 25th

…nope, nothing else interesting happening.

note to self – things to do

-quantum physics and themal physics and an English essay due Friday

-English project proposal due next Wednesday

and my head hurts a wee bit right now, might be the flu thats going around these days…//


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  1. That’s why I like double chocolate and double chocolate.

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