February 5, 2007 at 8:41 pm | Posted in tools | 2 Comments

My titles have hardly anything to do with the actual content. But right now…


Blame my big red spot near my right temple, which hurts. It feels even more exposed, because I just had my hair cut. There hasn’t been a lot of action today. Its just any old monday. But, here is one way to spruce up your computer – don’t you just hate having to use the default miscrofot calculator? Well, there is a more aethetically pleasing one to be found online – meet the ESB calculator. Whats the difference? It just looks better. And it operates more like a normal handheld calculator. Why am I introducing this? I have no idea. When I want to make a calculation, I open up mathematica. Doesn’t that take longer and completely waste the whole point of having such a powerful program? Yes it does. But I don’t care. Its the same reason why people use supercomputers to play games. =p


-I get my stupid English esay under way!

-I yawned at least 4 5 times during the course of writing this entry.

-A theory from the 1950s proposed that a roman legion got lost in modern-day Iran area, so they continued travelling east, stopped at a village lyig near the border of China, and ended up marrying the locals. Some very mo liu scientists are now testing DNA samples of the villagers to see if they really have such random ancestry.

-google is blurring India’s private parts from google earth. Apparently, on the worldwide maps obtained by google for google earth, some nuclear facilities were blurred. Now we have India asking google earth to blur government buildings and whatnot. Of course, this leads to the getaround solution – just search google map for blurry areas. Won’t those be where all the important stuff is?

argh, needta stop procrastinating.//



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  1. Hi.!

    Procrastination = teh goodness.

  2. What is a miscrofot calculator…?

    Damnit, my roommate’s snoring is making me homesick. Makes me miss my dad.

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